Sunday, July 29, 2012


Split by dcclark

Shadows at a Quincy Mine boiler house. Catching up on some old posts.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Michigan E Shaft

Michigan E Shaft by dcclark

Yes, I'm alive! I've moved to Minnesota (relevant for this post) and am settling in. More posts on the way, I promise...

The Minesota Mine (yes, spelled that way) was one of the first wildly rich copper mines in the Copper Country. It closed, in the words of the copper handbook, largely due to management unwilling to invest the necessary money in keeping it going. It was reborn as the Michigan Mine, on a much grander scale.

When it began to play out (again), they expanded and drove new shafts, including the "E" shaft. Its fortress-like ruins still sit atop a short bluff, with its collapsing shaft recently re-capped. I have no clue what happened to these ruins to cause them to fall apart this way -- it's very unusual, even in the ruin-ridden Copper Country.