Friday, July 18, 2008

Quincy Overlook

Houghton at night from the Quincy #7 rockpile.

The Quincy #7 rockpile is one of my favorite hidden spots in the Keweenaw -- and it's almost in the middle of Hancock! The rockpile is at [location redacted because I want to keep it to myself, suckers!] -- ok, ok, it's located just at the top of Quincy Hill, just where US-41 meets Kowsit Lats road. The rockpile is hidden by Quincy Hill itself, and has an amazing view of the Portage and Houghton.

Someone has built a makeshift seat out of big, flat chunks of poor rock at the top of the rockpile. It's a perfect place to go to after a stressful day.


Anonymous said...

Rats. You known about it too. (And now - thanks to you - everyone else does too) :)

We use to go up there to watch the fireworks all the time for Bridgefest - great vantage point (and you beat the traffic coming back out!) Its a much better view then the Quincy Hill turnout, due mostly to the powers-that-be allowing the trees to grow tall enough to block the view at the lookout.

An interesting note about the Quincy Hill turnout, if you read the sign that's there it talks of the large "poor rock mounds" up on the hill atop of Houghton from the Isle Royale Mine. Those piles are no longer there, having been carried away years ago. (before even I got here for college) It also thanks the Quincy Mine for donating the property for the lookout. The sign must be forty years old.

DC said...

Yup. My horde of blog-reading followers are about to ravage the old #7 rockpile! :P

I really love the spot too. It feels so isolated, but it's right next to the highway.

As I recall, there's also another sign at the scenic turnout thanking various people. It is carved into a tombstone. What a bizarre idea!

Anonymous said...

Completely off topic David, but as one of the horde of blog readers here I was wondering is it possible to subscribe to your blog? I'm not seeing a link/button.

DC said...


Your wish is my command! I added a handy-dandy subscription thing to the sidebar of my blog. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Crud, it took me almost three years to add a handy dandy subscription button to my site and you add one in a few minutes. Why didn't I think of that sooner?

By the way, I think if my horde and your horde got together we might just have a horde and that rock pile will be crawling with people in no time.

DC said...


Blogger sure does make some things easy. That's one of the reasons I finally dropped my old blog setup (a really old MovableType installation) and went with blogger. There is basically a button for "Add RSS feeds".

As for our hordes, I think that they overlap a lot! Other than a few lovely people who aren't around here (*waves* hi mom and dad!), I think I get a bunch of hits from over your way.

Maybe I should call them the "horde of very respectful people who would never dumb an old washer in a scenic place" just to be safe!

Anonymous said...

Thanks David!!!