Thursday, July 10, 2008


Looking through a series of identical doors at the old Ahmeek Stamp Mill in Tamarack City
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The Ahmeek Mill was a copper processing mill. Copper-bearing rock from the Ahmeek mine would be sent down to the mill (on the shores of Torch Lake) in trains. At the mill, the rock was pounded into tiny particles by giant steam-driven hammers. One of those hammers is actually still standing today -- I may show it in a later post.

However, this part of the mill isn't the part with the hammers. This is a long line of identical poured-cement rooms, all with these doors leading through them. The rooms are empty nowadays, and a handful have heavy metal doors attached to them. I have no clue what part of the milling process went on in them. At least they gave a cool photo!


Anonymous said...


Wow...great photo! Sorry I didn't notice your site until now, (Your link to my site from this page showed up on my wordpress dashboard just today) I'm jealous of our photography skills, if only I had that talent at Explorer! Ok well, I'm still working at it...

Anyway, great site and keep it up!

DC said...


Thanks for the complements! I like to use CCE as a reference when I have photos of some of these old sites -- if anyone's interested, they can check out your site, which has some great info on it.

I think that my photos have improved a lot in the last year or so mainly because I started thinking about them more. If you look at some of my old stuff (like the waterfalls in the photo gallery), I wasn't thinking much about the artistic aspect -- I just wanted photos of the spot so that I could document its existence. Nowadays, I take a lot more time to explore the unusual angles I can get, and different colors and such.

Thanks again. Keep up the good work on CCE too!