Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Falls

A small waterfall with brown pine needles covering the rocks around it.
Ten-Foot Falls in the Fall
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Just a view of a mini-waterfall, in the fall, when the leaves are falling. This one is part of Ten-Foot Falls on the Eagle River, surrounded by pine trees which are oddly shedding their needles right now. (Be sure to click the photo: it improves with larger sizes.)

The leaves are coming down quickly here, and we're moving from "fall" into "not quite winter". I've been collecting rose hips for tea (and possibly jelly or stew), and my housemates have taken to calling me a Ranger (named Strider). Bonus points for the geeks who caught that...


Anonymous said...

I believe you're supposed to use Athelas (sp?) more commonly known as Kingsfoil.

I'm a geek :)

DC said...


Also, I have this old broken sword hanging around... maybe I should get someone to fix that up for me.

Hm, I DO know a guy who blacksmiths...