Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wyandotte Pool

Trees reflect in a still pool, with rocks at its border.
A still pool at Wyandotte falls.

I first visited Wyandotte falls back in 2006 during my summer o' waterfalls. The falls are on the Misery river, down near Twin Lakes. At that time, even though it was a warm summer, the river was flowing and the falls were roaring. Unlike some Keweenaw falls I could mention, Wyandotte falls really are falls and not rapids. But, I just revisited the falls a few days ago, and this time -- almost nothing! The falls were a trickle, and the river barely moved. But still water is pretty too, especially with fall reflections in the water!

The woods around Wyandotte falls are some of most alive woods I've ever been in. Even within the Keweenaw, every woods has its own personality. Some (like the pine groves on Quincy hill) feel quiet and calm, with the wind high above. Some (like parts of the Cliffs) seem mixed up and busy -- usually because of recent logging. In the woods at Wyandotte, I had a constant feeling that something was happening. Leaves falling, bushes rustling, water babbling, small animals moving -- it was really a bit unnerving. I've had the same feeling both times I've been there. The forest around there is also fairly old and hasn't been logged any time recently. The old, fallen, mossy trees really add to the atmosphere.

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