Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Day at the Beach

A graffiti beach scene on an old cement support.
A day at the beach

I found this neat little bit of graffiti while wandering around the old Quincy Mill site near Mason. This was in a hidden building which used to be the power plant for the mill. The inside was covered with graffiti, but most of it was the usual: random names, numbers, "Hoton" (you know, because being from Hoton makes you so much more ghetto), etc. This one caught my eye because it was much more artistic. A lovely beach scene -- on the massive cement support for an old steam turbine.

At the same time, Kyle and I had to watch our backs carefully, as a paintball war was going on in the old mill buildings and the forests around it. Some people don't care about the history of the Keweenaw, I guess.


Anonymous said...

How sad that a paintball war was going on in the old mill buildings and the forest, too. Those places should be protected some how. They should be places that can be peacefully explored and appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Thats got to be a new addition, because I didn't notice it last fall - and I took a lot of photos of that thing. Still not a big fan of graffiti, but when they put some time and effort into it I at least respect it.

As far as the mill surviving much past the next decade - I doubt it. Its state of "togetherness" has been greatly impacted since I first arrived to tech more then a dozen years ago. Most of the mill is already destroyed. It won't be long on the rest now.

DC said...