Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Douglass Houghton Falls

A double streamed waterfall viewed from below, with its mist hilighted by bright sunlight.
Douglass Houghton Falls! At last!

Of all of the waterfalls in the Keweenaw, Douglass Houghton Falls may be the trickiest to get to. It's not actually difficult to get to the waterfall (unlike, say, Montreal Falls or some of the unnamed falls far back in the trackless wilderness), but this waterfall is on private land and the owners do not encourage visitors. Several years after my summer of waterfalls, I finally was able to visit the very last named waterfall in the Keweenaw, with permission.

Douglass Houghton Falls are, by far, the best waterfall I've seen in the Copper Country. They are extremely tall and extremely beautiful, and I can only imagine how amazing they would be in the spring melt, or even frozen in the winter.

Please do not trespass!


jpemeric said...

Congrats on finishing up the Keweenaw waterfalls!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful photograph and a beautiful waterfall. Too bad it isn't open to the public. JC

Jay Balliet said...

All I can say is WOW!!!

Absolutely stunning photograph. I wish that these falls were open to the public.

Isn't there multiple falls here also?

DC said...

@Jake: Yay! Only three years. :P
@Mom: Indeed, and it's a trip to get there too -- over fields and around creeks and all over the place.
@Jay: See what you're missing by not being up here? :P There are some small upper falls as well, but they're almost all in the same spot.

Jay Balliet said...

Yeah, yeah...rub it in. ;-)

If it were up to me we'd have been up there a few years ago. Oh well.

Did you explore the adit behind the falls?

DC said...

@Jay: We went in a little way, shined some photographs around, but didn't really look closely. We weren't properly prepared -- some day, maybe!

Jim Curtis said...

The best falls in my opinion and a great shot!
I am trying to determine if DH Falls is the highest in Michigan. Anybody out there know? If you have any info please email me at
Jim Curtis