Friday, August 7, 2009

Foggy Barn

A foggy, abandoned barn at the far edge of a freshly cut field of grass.
An abandoned barn in the fog.

This barn caught my eye for many reasons. The first was the fog: when I drove past this barn, it was almost disappearing into a thick fog on the hills above Hancock. Another were the textures: the prickly grass and the old abandoned wood. Finally, old barns are fairly common, but actively tended fields are somewhat unusual in the Keweenaw. While there used to be a fair number of farms to support communities, there aren't all that many crops which grow well in our cool, short growing season. The freshly cut field in front of this barn was a bit of a surprise, and probably was used to make hay for the horses living next door.


jpemeric said...

Nice picture - definitely a pro shot. It reminds me of a farm I saw north of Dollar Bay once.

DC said...

@jpemeric: Thanks... as a matter of fact, this farm is on Airport Park road just up the hill from Dollar Bay. I bet it's the same spot!