Sunday, May 31, 2009

Floating in the Past

A white maple leaf floating in a puddle, filled with decaying and waterlogged leaves.
Waterlogged leaves
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This post comes to you from the back side of the Cliffs, everyone's favorite greenstone range running down the spine of the Keweenaw. Kyle and I headed out on a lovely spring day, trying to find an old fire tower up north of Central. We did find it -- or at least its foundations -- and along the way, we found this puddle full of last season's leaves. They were mostly waterlogged and sunk, but just one was holding on hopefully.

Another feature of this particular hike was discovering an old mine, hidden in and among the cliffs. We found several old shafts wedged into a steep and narrow cut in the cliffs. I always love finding hidden, forgotten places like that. It feels like I was the first person to be there since the mine was closed, probably 150 years ago. While that's probably not true, I really love the idea!

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Summer said...

I really had to look at this photo for awhile (and a couple of times) to try to "see" it. I don't know if it's because of the grayscale, or the size, or the framing, but it was difficult to visually make sense of it. The edges, the decay, and the existence of the water don't really smack you with shadow, shades, and evidence of motion. It's a totally cool photo, the type that can have you lost in lines and detail:) It just doesn't emote stark or strong or lonely like the vast majority of your other photos.