Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Watery Leaf

Bright red leaf laying in water and rocks.
It's fall!
... and you can order a print of this photo!

... so it's time for photos of leaves! The colors are coming along pretty well here. This leaf was in Quincy Creek, which is a well-hidden creek out near Mason. The creek also has some lovely small waterfalls -- photos of those are coming soon. My next goal is to get up to the Cliff lookout when the colors are at their peak!


Anonymous said...

keep the fall color pictures coming!! You know how much I miss them!! Love your work Dave!! ~Kristy

DC said...

Thanks Kristy! There will certainly be more in the next few weeks, when the color really peaks. You can't throw a brick without hitting something picturesque in the Keweenaw... ;)