Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rockhouse Abstract

An abstract composition of shapes and textures -- mostly blocks, including lines in corrugated steel, red rusted metal, and decaying cement.
Rust and decay at the Quincy #2 Shaft-Rockhouse

I sometimes like to wander around the Quincy Mine property, especially near sunset. The ruins of the old mine are filled with wonderful textures, shapes, and shadows. This composition comes from the old #2 shaft-rockhouse, where corrugated steel meets the rusty iron rock bin, and the decaying cement foundation.


bc said...

nice photo, take all your abstracts and line them up. notice any themes running through your work? bc

LisaNewton said...

I love pictures of rust. It has such color and depth. It could also be the fact that I like orange, red, and the colores in between.

DC said...

Thanks all. :)

@LisaNewton: I've started to spend more time walking around my favorite photo sites around sunset -- the shadows and colors change so much that you see new things.