Thursday, May 13, 2010

133/365 - Frankenstein Thanks You!

An abstract black and white composition of light and shadows on steel rivets.
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Some days, I go out to find a photo. Some days, the photos come to me. Today turned out to be the latter kind. While walking down the street in lovely downtown Calumet, Michigan, I came upon... a giant inflatable Frankenstein's monster thanking our veterans. It's definitely the first think I would think of!

The owner of this shop -- the Office Shop -- has some pretty cool stuff. Examples include a truck with giant pencils along the bed, an old Chevy with a scale model of the Statue of Liberty mounted where its trunk should be, and the infamous Moose Door.


Jay Balliet said...

I was going to ask what's up with Calumet since they have this and the Statue of Liberty limo. Then I read a little farther and saw it's the same business, so my question now is...What's up with the office shop? LOL!!!

DC said...

@Jay -- yeah, there's just something about that guy! Did you hear the whole Moose Door fiasco last year? (He wanted to put up a huge moose head on his door, but the Historical Park disallowed it because it wasn't historically appropriate, and they spent MONTHS going round and round about it.)

Also, it's closing ... today, I think!