Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Cowbell!!

A metal cowbell with the Noquemanon logo
Click the photo to see it on Flickr.

After my first ever 10k snowshoe race, I now have: MORE COWBELL! I earned this by taking first in my age group at the Noquemanon 10k snowshoe race. The race led through the Forestville ski trails, ending right in the middle of lovely Marquette, Michigan.


Nina said...

Nice job - how long did it take you to finish?

I attempted a snowshowing trip a few weeks ago, but after all kinds of spectacular snowfall, a freak warm up ruined the trip!

DC said...

Nina: 1:32 -- which for me (totally not a runner) was pretty excellent. Too bad on your trip... hopefully we get a little more snow before winter's over.