Saturday, May 28, 2011


Danger by dcclark

A mysterious hole in the ground near the old Belt (or Lake) Mine. There are (as far as I have found) exactly 2 such warning signs around all of "Belt Mountain", and appoximately 3 zillion holes in the ground which should be marked!

This hole was cool, but didn't have much airflow (which would denote a mine with open tunnels). On the bluff above here, there was a water-filled shaft which might have had some relation to this.


Roc said...

The neat thing about that piture is the railroad spike holding up the sign.That's pretty serious.

DC said...

Yeah, it's pretty sweet... both of the signs that I found were attached that way. This one is weird in that it's rotated... not sure if it was nailed in after the tree fell, or if it just rotated.