Sunday, January 1, 2012


De-fense! by dcclark

You may have noticed that I suddenly slowed down, and then totally stopped, posting photos recently. Well, I had a good excuse: I was going through a butterfly-like transformation and becoming Dr. Clark!

This photo, taken by one of my colleagues, is from my dissertation defense -- a presentation made to my advisor, a committee of professors, and anyone else from my department who cared to come. I presented on and answered questions about my last 5 years' worth of mathematical research. After some grilling by my committee, the deed was done: they agreed that I would be a doctor of mathematics!

Anyhow, the long and short of it is that, in preparing for this day, everything else took a back burner. After that, the combination of finishing up the final details of my dissertation, moving into a new apartment, and the holidays generally kept me from editing and posting photos. More later, I promise!


Jain said...

Congratulations, Dr. Clark!

kjramstack said...

Sounds like a good excuse to me! Congratulations on your latest achievement.

D. Travis North said...

Congrats, Dr. Steady Arm. Able to take tack-sharp low-light photos at 1/20 without a tripod.

Seriously though...congrats. That's quite an achievement.

GumbyandPokey said...

I can't remember if I've ever left a comment on your blog, but I've been following you and your wonderful photography of the U.P. since the summer of 2009. I couldn't let this post pass without a congratulations! My husband finished his PhD about seven years ago and what an ordeal it is, but also SUCH an accomplishment. Great work!

P.S. My name is Cindi. I have five kids. We love to camp, hike and be in the U.P. We live in Lansing. The summer I started following your blog, we lived in Munising for the whole summer (my husband came on the weekends). Thanks for posting your great photos!

DC said...

Thanks all!

@GumbyandPokey: Thanks for the initial comment (I think that this is your first one, you're right!). Living in Munising for a summer sounds amazing -- that's an area that I'd love to explore more.

Adam Barrett said...

WOW, a doctor, eh? very impressive. much respect!!