Friday, March 15, 2013

Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls by dcclark

Hidden Falls, a small but lovely waterfall at Nerstrand Big Woods state park. Sadly, the rest of the state park is fairly dull (and the camping spots... shudder!). But this pretty little waterfall is worth it!


Jacob Emerick said...

It sure beats the 'Hidden Falls' in the Trap Hills, over by Cookout Mountain. At least the MI one has 'rustic camping' (I think) along the NCT. What was so off about these camping spots? [blog link w/ a pic]

DC said...

Yeah, this is actually a waterfall! :P

The problem with the camping spots is that they're all sandwiched right next to each other -- not even trees, just open grass. I think that there may be some "walk in" spots in the trees, but they too looked sandwiched right next to each other (and the road). Overall, our visit to Nerstrand just didn't impress us.

Jacob Emerick said...

Ah, that sounds rough. I ended up spending a night up by Weidman Lake, just above Hidden Falls, a few truck sounds drifted up but it was otherwise fairly peaceful.