Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rocket Range Camping: Sunrise!

Sunrise at the Keweenaw Rocket Range
Sunrise on the east coast of the Keweenaw
Wish you could see this sunrise all of the time? You can order a print!

This past weekend, I went camping along with some friends at the old Keweenaw Rocket Range on the far east tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula. The old rocket range was the site of some rocket experiments in the 1960's, but nowadays there is almost nothing there... except for beautiful beaches, dense forests, and absolutely spectacular sunrises.

Last weekend also happened to be the full moon, with beautiful weather, so we slept right out on the beach, under the moon and stars. As a direct result, I woke up with the sunrise after a somewhat restless night (full moon + bad vision + no glasses = thinking it's 10 am and cloudy when it's actually midnight and clear). However, this is what I woke up to -- absolutely beautiful. I love backwoods camping!

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Holy crap that is a gorgeous photo bc