Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rocket Range Camping: Firelight

Faces in the firelight... and an infinity sign made with a flashlight
Faces in the firelight

The beaches out on Keweenaw Point are an awesome spot to camp. We (and by "we" I mean "Rachel") built a roaring fire from the driftwood we found lying around. That lead to such delicious foods as pizza pies (bread, pepperoni, sauce, and cheese in a circular clamp, over the fire), smores, and hobo meals.

Then, Kyle and I started playing around with long exposures. I also have a somewhat more blurry photo in which he wrote "e^{i \pi}+1 = 0" with a flashlight -- I'm sad that didn't turn out as well!


Anonymous said...

Is Kyle "wearecs" on Flickr?

DC said...

Yea verily, it is!

Here's a link to his flickr photostream. I like his photos quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Dave, we didnt' know you had a gf? Congratulations anyway :) and we miss you... anyway you'll visit Waterloo (and Sophie)?

DC said...

Hey Matt/Iko -- no, no girlfriend for me! Rachel is my long-time not-girlfriend, which is a longstanding joke which I may in fact explain at some point. :)

As for coming to visit... I don't know! I can't make Jess's wedding unfortunately. I'll see about Thanksgiving though.