Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rocket Range Camping: Get me outta here!

Kyle's car going up a rough patch of road.
Vroom, vroom!

The road to and from the Keweenaw Rocket Range is... a bit rough. Luckily Kyle owns an All-Wheel Drive Car of Awesomeness which took us over the nasty patches, through the mud, and around the washed-out bits. Overall, I definitely wouldn't recommend trying it with any normal vehicle! This photo is one of the nastiest bits -- the one place where we actually had to back up and try a second time.

For anyone who is interested, here are directions to the rocket range. Travel at your own risk!
  1. From Copper Harbor, follow US-41 east towards Fort Wilkins (yes, it actually continues). You will eventually come to the end (or beginning, depending on your point of view) of US-41 -- there's even a sign there commemorating it. Follow the dirt road which continues in the same direction.
  2. Follow this for about 4-4.5 miles, until you find a road which splits off to the left. There are several previous turnoffs, but this is the only one within the correct distance which actually has markings as an ATV trail (the rest are extremely rough, and it should be fairly obvious that they're not the right place). Turn left here.
  3. Follow this new road for about 3 more miles. Along the way, you will pass (in order) a swamp (be careful of possible washouts) and Schlatter Lake (with several turnoffs) on your right.
  4. Shortly thereafter, there will be a fork in the road -- take the left branch. Very shortly down this road is the rocket range site, and a beautiful view of the lake. There used to be a tree at the branch with a large, rusty "DANGER" sign -- but that tree was broken and quickly disappearing when we were last there. Good luck!

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