Friday, September 12, 2008

The Door Out of Summer

A door with brightly lit foliage, set in a dim stone wall.
Looking back to summer

It's past Labor Day, so that means school has started again: I'm teaching Calc 2, taking Statistics, preparing for Comprehensive exams in January, and recovering from a bike-induced shoulder injury which is keeping me from doing almost any of my favorite activities. Dangit, where did summer go?!

Bonus points for anyone who catches the reference in the title of the post.


Anonymous said...


I don't know where the summer went either. It really did go by fast. Your photos are great. I'm most likely too old to get the title "The Door Out of Summer" but like it with the photo.


DC said...

I'm waiting for ish or Andy to stop by with the right answer and a snarky comment before I reveal it...

Unknown said...

There was a novel by R. A. Heinlein titled Doorway Into Summer.

Did I get it?

DC said...

A gold star for you, one of the several Steves who I know (or possibly one I don't)!

Unknown said...

Well, I saw a link to the blog on facebook...and I went to grad school at Tech while you were a Senior there, and later went to U-Waterloo.