Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Snow

A brown oak leaf hanging from a bare branch, with snow collecting on the leaf.
Hang on!
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Winter finally started this weekend. Down here in the valley, the snow started on Friday night and didn't stop until late on Sunday. We got about 2-3 inches in the end, and it's actually stuck around for a few days.

To enjoy the snow, I made a trip up to the cliffs on Saturday. There's nothing quite like standing in a quiet forest with snow coming down all around you. While I was there, I found this leaf just barely hanging on to an otherwise bare tree.

It looks like the snow will melt this week -- it never really sticks until Thanksgiving. But until then I'll enjoy the remains of the first snow.

And now some silliness:

I'm singin' in the snow
Just singin' in the snow!
What a glorious feeling,
it's 20 below...
-- Garrison Keillor


Anonymous said...

I got a peaceful feeling just remembering how it feels to be in the woods with the snow coming down. It is quiet and restful.


Summer said...

You seem to like those lone leaf shots... maybe you could do a collage or something nifty with shots of leaves at different points of the seasons... You capture the colors really well; it'd be a fun thing to see them contrasted.

DC said...

Summer -- yeah, I do like the lone leaf shots. I'm not sure why -- in winter, at least, lone leaves are slightly unexpected, hanging on from warmer times. Or maybe because they are a colorful object with dull backgrounds. Either way, I like your collage idea. Actually, I already have an idea... and AdoramaPix is having a sale on poster prints! Must save the money!