Tuesday, November 18, 2008


A bit of yellow grass clinging to a dark rock outcrop.
Grass on the rocks

I took this a few weekends ago at Esrey Park, whiling away a few minutes while my friends Kyle and Amy were busy getting engaged (my job was to keep Amy from expecting it, conveniently disappear, and then reappear to take some engagement photos). I happened to see this little shock of grass on a ledge in the cliff face there. I love the lakeshore around the east edge of the Keweenaw county -- rocky, rough, and picturesque.

We're getting lots of snow here -- so expect some good ol' snowshoe pictures soon!

Edit: Does anyone else think this look like a muppet hiding in the rocks?


Anonymous said...

Dad says the grass looks like a living thing coming out of the rock! Nice photo! Congratulations to Kyle and Amy!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the snow pictures Dave!!!


DC said...

Just as soon as I get back to tech from my Thanksgiving break -- fear not!