Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blue is the color of winter

A geometric composition with three dark branches, hilighted with sunlight, and dark blue snow in the background.
Branches, sunlight, and snow
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Here's another photo from that amazing trip to the Tech Trails and the Houghton School forest. This one is just a few branches of a bush, with some sunlight on them and snow in the background.

Someone once pointed out to me (about my winter photos) that "your white balance is all off -- snow should be bright white!" If you've even taken a look at snow in different light -- it can be any color you want! But one of the most common colors for snow is blue: it reflects the sky, and that color deepens as the sun goes down. Here's another example of that wonderful shade of blue you can find in the winter!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Found you via Digital Photography School.

You have some wonderful photos on your site.

However, for this and your other birch photo (and some other winter photos), it seems to me like you've got blown out highlights.

Summer said...

I like the lack of distinction on the branches. Keeps the blue sky the focus rather than the tree.

I do like the birch photo better tho:-D

DC said...

@Anon -- thanks! This photo is certainly blown out -- intentionally, to emphasize the shape of the branches. I looked closely at my other birch photo (and its histogram), and there is only the slightest amount of clipping in the midtones -- the whites are actually all there still, but they do look very white onscreen.

@Summer: Thanks too! I prefer the other one as well, but I am a fan of the geometry in this one...