Friday, March 13, 2009

Almost... there...!

A drop of water barely clinging to the end of an icicle.
Spring's coming... one of these days!

I keep telling myself: it's nearly spring. Look, you can see the icicles melting! Wait... we had a high of 10 with windchills around -20? Then why is the ice melting? Ah, because it's bright, sunny, and clear... which means an even colder night. Dangit, so close!

I spent the better part of an hour standing outside my back door with tripod and long lens, trying to get just the right photo of the icicles melting. My housemates were starting to wonder what in the world I was up to, when I finally caught this drop, just barely ready to fall! The focus isn't perfect, but the shot was too cool to toss -- so, enjoy, and think warm thoughts!


Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' this shot. Wow.

Here's to sending Southern CA warm winds your way...........:)

Summer said...

reminds me of some cool droplet macro photos i saw recently somewhere... makes me wonder if you caught any awesome detail in the full rez (i see a couple pine trees)

DC said...

@LisaNewton: Thanks. :) I'm ready for that warm wind -- AND we seem to be getting it. Good job!

@Summer: Flickr has some really amazing waterdrop macros. Ah, here's a link:

Anyhow, sadly, mine isn't in perfect focus... which means the low-res version kind of helps me. :P