Monday, March 23, 2009

Lost Light

An abandoned lightpost against a deep blue sky.
An abandoned light post at the Centennial #6

This minimalist shot comes to you from ye olde Centennial #6 mine, which had the honor of being one of the very last operating mines in the Copper Country. As a result of its longevity (or to be more accurate, its opening as the Schoolcraft mine, its re-opening as the Centennial Mine in 1876, then its final RE-re-opening as a "last chance" mine late in the 1970's), the mine was actually fairly modern -- it even had a parking lot, with lights and everything!

This light post was in the old parking lot -- which is almost unrecognizable today, except for the excess of gravel, and these poles standing up here and there. The lot is quickly being overrun by grasses, shrubs, and small trees, all living in the shadow of the old rock house.

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Summer said...

Cool shot, even though the light post gets in the way of the sky gradient;-) It's amazing that there isn't a single cloud in the sky. What would be really cool - if you could get the post in the same general position in the frame - would be to have a similar photo on a cloudless evening with lots of stars, and another during a cloudy, overcast day.