Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cliff Swamp

A brightly colored swamp, with green grass, dead trees, a beaver dam, and forested cliffs rising in the distance.
The West Branch of the Eagle River

Officially this is a branch of the Eagle River, as it flows past the base of the Cliffs and into the main Eagle River. However, it's really just a swamp with a bit of a current!

I'm not sure what to do with this photo, so I'm hoping that you, my Horde of Readers, might have some suggestions. The colors in this photo are genuine -- no post-processing except for basic levels/curves in Gimp! They look so bright as to be unreal to me. Feel free to leave comments or ideas!


Summer said...

Hmm... perhaps something to draw your eye to a specific point? I vote for a werewolf or bigfoot;-)

Maybe some desaturation with a focus on the colors you want to bring out, like water or tree color?

Also, long term idea, do season shots from the same angle and do a merge like you did with the bridge.

Dale said...

You're right, Dave! That's a gorgeous pic, and the colors are amazing! I wish my shots turned out that way. I've got a Sony DSC-F828, which is a decent camera, but my problem is the lack of skill in the photographer.

DC said...

@Summer: Heh, yes, we see lots of those out on the 'range. :P You always have great ideas for photo series though... I'm going to have to do that one (also)!

@Dale: Thanks! The colors are actually a bit bizarre, to me. I used a polarizer, and I think it made things a bit TOO real. We'll see. Your Sony is a pretty decent camera -- keep working with it and you'll get some good stuff.

Jay Balliet said...

@ Dave: It is a really nice pic & the colors are great. I do agree with Summer though, there's not much drawing your eye into the photo. Have you tried doing an Ansel Adams style high-contrast b&w with it? With the colors as saturated like they are it might really make for an interesting pic.

@ Dale: I shoot with an F-828 also. Like Dave said, it's a nice camera and can take great pics. Don't be afraid to take a whole bunch of crappy shots to get one great one (that's what I do ;) ).

LisaNewton said...

I don't know, maybe it just me, but I prefer the color shot. I can actually see myself there.

I don't necessarily need a specific focal point, but just enjoy the view, looking at all the different aspects of the shot, from the green hills to the bottom of the pond.

The color is amazing!!