Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Accidental Lift Bridge

Portage Lift Bridge at sunset
A colorful evening down by the lift bridge.
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Here's one I took a month ago, when we still had some ice on the Portage. We'd had a nice clear day, so I drove down near the Portage to try taking some photos of the lift bridge at sunset. I took a bunch of photos, but nothing was really turning out like I wanted.

Just then, I noticed an older fellow who had a camera set up on a tripod nearby, with a giant lens on it. He came moseying over and started talking about a rare owl which had been seen in the area, and which he was hoping to photograph on the bridge that night. This fellow was a real character. To begin, he was dressed in waders, Carharts, and flannel. He had been a logging truck driver for years before he sustained some sort of head injury, which left him with memory problems. He had trouble keeping a job, so instead he bought this giant 1000 mm lens and an old Nikon and headed north to do wildlife photography. He had the best attitude: "You know how you see a good movie, but the twist at the end isn't surprising after the first time you've seen it? Well it's new every time for me!"

We got to talking about cameras, and he let me give his huge lens a try. In return I showed him some neat features of digital cameras (like setting color balance and seeing your shots immediately). Along the way, I randomly shot another photo to demonstrate, and lo and behold, that was the one and only good photo from that shoot. Now you too can enjoy that accidental photo!


Summer said...

That story is almost as great as the photo:) Do you do any kind of scrapbook? I mean, not the girly kind. But a traditional type scrapbook to keep memories that go along with photos?

I must miss Houghton, oddly enough, because I have this pic as my desktop background, hehehe:)

DC said...

Heh, no, no scrapbook for me, girly or not. In some ways, this blog and the EXIF data in my photos is a sort of scrapbook -- I usually write brief comments for each photo in my library anyhow.

Glad to, er, make you homesick? :(

Anonymous said...

Your photo of the lift bridge is really beautiful! I also enjoyed the story about the older photographer. Your description of him paints a vivid picture and your encounter with him makes a great story!


Anonymous said...

Love the evening sky combined with the bridge lights. Nice shot.

DC said...

Thanks very much, Akshat! :)

edan said...

The link to the picture in your post is broken, I guess your server at dcclark.dyndns.org is down ;) The pic was still available on the site to buy it, and it is quite awesome.

The only downside, to me, is that without the picture at the top of the page, I could use my imagination of what the picture might be while I read the story. You said none of the pictures of the bridge worked, so I was totally hoping for an awesome shot of the eccentric old photographer :)

DC said...

Fixed it! Thanks, Eden. My old image host is down... this means a lot of fixin' to do.