Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dusky Tree

Tree silhouette at sunset
A dusky tree, near Quincy.
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This shot came from one of those random unplanned trips, just a few days ago. I was bored one evening, so I went up towards the Quincy Mine (it's so close, and the ruins there really tweak my imagination -- I end up there more often than not when I want to get out of the house). There's a small scenic turnout just before the mine. Just up from the turnout and down from one of the mine's poor rock piles is a big open area with a little two-track through it. I'd never been there before.

I had a great time poking around the open area, seeing some old ruins, flowers, overlooks, and even a few whitetails. This dead tree is right in the middle of the little field, with irises all around it and a great view of Houghton and Hancock. I did a good bit of editing to increase the silhouette effect -- it wasn't quite that dark yet, and the wind was cold.

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Summer said...

Hey, I hope you keep up the blogging! I really like this image, though I would love to see one with the bloomed irises around the tree. Don't you love finding cool unexpected places like that?

Yeah, I love Dar Williams. I loved Comfortably Numb, though I think the best song on Better Self is Two Sides of the River. Iowa was a great song, too. The End of the Summer is my favorite Dar song, I think, though I Will Not be Afraid of Women and Wilder than her are also great:)