Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunset at Breakers

Sunset panorama taken at breakers

A panorama I put together from last night's sunset out at Breakers.

There's an old saying about sunsets: "f/8 and being there". It's not quite that simple, but I was there! I spent a lot of time playing around with settings, filters, and long exposures -- so I'll probably have some more cool photos to post later.

Be sure to click on the photo and look at the largest size. It's much better that way!


Anonymous said...

"Sunset at Breakers" is a beautiful photograph! Those clouds are amazing!


Anonymous said...

Where exactly is "breakers"?

DC said...

Hi Jay,

"Breakers" is the student name for the township park at the end of the Houghton Canal road. It's directly across the canal from McLain's breakwater. Lots and lots of old stamp sand from the Atlantic, Baltic, and Champion (hey, ABC!) washed up there and formed a big beach. Used to be very popular place to have bonfires, before the EPA rehabilitated part of it.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...makes sense now.