Sunday, May 4, 2008


Two posts in a weekend!

Scotsman and Preppie
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My housemate Cal spent New Year's in Edinburgh with his family. While he was there, he ordered a full kilt. The big box o' kilt just arrived here a few days ago, and Cal's family has been clamoring for photos of him in full kit. When the weather turned nice yesterday evening (it was snowing earlier!), Cal, myself, and our friend Steve decided to head up to the Quincy Mine ruins to take some pseudo-Scottish photos. This one was taken in the old #7 Boiler House (if my research is correct).

After this photo, we made some family's day. I had Cal climb up on some old ruins near the highway, so that I could get his silhouette against the setting sun. I was shooting from the far side of the ruins, so from the highway all you could see way a big guy in full kit standing on some old ruins, holding a pike and looking slightly forlorn. As I was taking the photos, a mini-van pulled up, and a woman got out with a camera: "We were driving past and we saw you standing there and we just had to stop. Do you mind if I take some photos?" Apparently her niece had graduated from Tech, and they were spending the day touring around the Keweenaw. Cal probably made it into some family's scrapbook!

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