Monday, June 29, 2009

River Bone

A very old bone with a cracked and weathered outer layer, laying on a bed of river rocks.
Is this real? It looks kind of strange...

I found this mysterious bone while exploring the Eagle River with Mike (of Copper Country Explorer fame). It almost looks unreal to me, with its cracked, greenish outer layer. I don't know what it came from (a deer, perhaps?), or why it looks so strange, but its colors and textures caught my eye. And now, hopefully it will catch your eye as well!


Jain said...

Striking colours and texture. Just based on location, I'd guess deer.

Laura Smyth, Publisher and Creative Director said...

It is very strange looking. Almost like weathered wood rather than bone. Interesting photo.

Summer said...

I love the colors in the photo, not just on the bone but in the surrounding river rocks.

I wonder if my bones would turn teal if I were scattered postmortem in frigid water? Hmmm... ;-)

Got any good unsolved murder mysteries in the Keweenaw these days?

DC said...

@Jain: Yeah, I would guess deer as well -- I'm not a hunter, so I'm not very familiar with deer anatomy.

@Laura: The textures are crazy, aren't they? It really is strange!

@Summer: Hehe, so, time to rewrite the will I take it?

LisaNewton said...

It's quite amazing, the colors and textures. And then combined with the colors of the rocks, it's really fantastic.