Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gnommity Gnome Gnome

A painted metal gnome, hiding in foliage
Gnomunculus Backyardia in its natural habitat

After hunting down the elusive Blizzard T. Husky, I thought I'd hit the peak of my rare-animal-hunting career. But amazingly, my luck held out -- I have now found the rare Common Garden Gnome (Gnomunculus Backyardia) in its native habitat. Enjoy this candid photo, possibly the only one of its kind!


Anonymous said...

Dave--We have 2!! rare common garden gnomes in our wild area! They are very quiet and cause no trouble. They resemble the one in your photo quite a bit. Amazing, eh?

Unknown said...

Love this shot... we don't see to many of them in Sydney unfortunately , lots of drop bears and hoop snakes though

DC said...

@JC: Indeed, they must be from the same subspecies. That's very rare, I wonder if you might have a whole colony?

@Francis: Ah, I believe your drop bears and hoop snakes are related, through a long-ago evolutionary branch, to my garden gnomes. It's surprising how much of the world has something like this! :P