Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A macro image of the teeth on a rusted gear.
A hundred-year old gear

This gear comes to you from one of my favorite places -- the old Quincy Mine. You may have guessed, if you read my blog regularly, that I spend a lot of time there. That's partly because it's a stone's throw away, but also because there is so much awesome stuff up there!

Here's another photo from the wonderful collection of old, rusty, crusty, and deliciously colorful ruins in the old Quincy Roundhouse. This is part of a large metal machine which is still bolted to the floor. I believe that it was some sort of metal planing or forming machine. Just outside the doors from here, the old Quincy & Torch Lake Railroad #6 engine just reappeared, after 40 years of hanging out in New Jersey. It's brought in a whole new set of wonderful textures and shapes which you will be enjoying soon!


LisaNewton said...

I'm a big fan of rusty and crusty. It adds color and texture.

It doesn't get any better.

Thanks for sharing!!

D. Travis North said...

I find that I am naturally drawn to old industrial 'stuff' - the older and more dilapidated, the better. If you can shoot old/crusty successfully - like you did here - you truly are showing everyone what inner beauty truly is.

If I had something like that near me, I'd be there a lot too. I have some regular haunts...it's good to have some regular places.

DC said...

@Lisa: I really love rusty, crusty things as well. We have SO much of that up here, it's a real education.

@D. Travis North: Thanks so much! I have a lot of fun traveling to (an exploring) new places, but having regular spots lets you really learn their moods and find the details you might miss otherwise.