Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seasons change

A black and white photo of a roaring river going over a small waterfall, with much foam and streaks of water.
Ten-Foot Falls in the spring

I took this photo during the spring melt, when the Eagle River is roaring along, filled with melt water. Believe it or not, this spot -- Ten Foot Falls -- is exactly the same location as Fall Falls, taken at the other end of the year. Yes, things are that different during the melt!


D. Travis North said...

Wow, I can't get over the difference between the water flow/volume in both shots. It's a vast difference...what's upstream of here?

I really like this shot. I love the silkiness of the water on the right as it contrasts against the turbulent waters on the left. Great composition.

DC said...

@D. Travis North: Last winter, this part of Michigan got about 18 FEET of snow... the amount of melt water during the spring thaw is absolutely stupendous. Thanks! :)