Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Snow Cone

A white pine cone nestled in snow, with shadows and light.
Another snowcone!

Here's a blast from the past -- a blast from March, to be specific. This lovely white pine cone was lying in the snow near a snow fence, at the Nara Nature Trail. It looked so cozy, I had to photograph it. Have I mentioned that I like winter?


Summer said...

Well, if I could bring myself to be nostalgic for winter, this photo would do it. But sorry, I just can't;-)

DC said...

Hah... I'll take up all your excess nostalgia then, I miss winter a lot. :P

D. Travis North said...

Awesome shot...love the contrast and, of course, how you get right in there - good and close.

Proof that a good photographer can make anything beautiful.