Monday, November 16, 2009


Handprints made in paint on a decaying wall.
This photo is a bit of a mystery for me. It comes to you from a small, squat, and very solid cement building near the old Centennial Mill. The building almost looked like a bunker, with its thick, solid walls. But on the inside was this lovely touch of interior decoration! I have no clue what the building was, but it made for a fun photo.

The mill itself previously appeared here in the form of a bracket. I don't even know if this building was part of the mill, or what its purpose was. If anyone out there has an idea, let me know!


D. Travis North said...

That's pretty creepy. It is almost like cave paintings. That said, I am also curious as to the origins of the hands. It could be graffiti, but it almost looks like someone's project - like a political statement.

Either way, great photo.

DC said...

If it was an art project or a statement, they did it in an extremely remote location, which almost nobody could find. There was some good old fashioned graffiti in there too, so it may have been kids of various ages having fun.


Kevin said...

What a find. I agree with Travis, almost like cave paintings somewhere. This is something I would love to see!