Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hungry Squirrel

A squirrel eating a french fry.
It's so CUTE!

This is an older photo -- one I use in many places as my avatar. This is a cute little red squirrel which lives at the Seney, Michigan rest stop. This rest stop is at the start of a very long, very flat, very boring stretch of highway. Lots of travelers stop there, throwing away their fast food bags. This is one of a family of squirrels which lives very large off of those leavings.


Anonymous said...

I love this photo. I think it will always be a favorite!


Jain said...

Oh gosh, I didn't realize that was a fry! I thought it was the core of a pine cone. :) Great photo!

D. Travis North said...

This is a classic, of course. I like photos that are basically nature trumping the man-made. This is sorta like that...except that the man-made is getting consumed by nature. (similar but different?). Anyhow...just to strap on my eco-hat for a moment, I wonder what impact unhealthy man-food might have on wildlife. It makes us fat...I wonder if it's as equally unhealthy for this poor little squirrel. Will we see him on the Biggest Loser in a year or two?

Jay Balliet said...

I love the "Seney Stretch" sign at this rest stop. I laugh every time we go by.

Unfortunately the laughter doesn't last long because I know we're on what has to be the most boring piece of road in the U.P.