Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trespassers Beware!

A sign on an abandoned building: No Loitering, No Scavenging, Unlawful to remove any items from these premises.
... and don't even think about looking at this sign!

I'm downstate, visiting my parents and enjoying the utter flatness of the Saginaw Valley. I dragged a bit of snow down with me, but otherwise it's pretty different from the UP.

Until my return, here's a photo from a previous adventure: the old Centennial #2, mine of mysteries. This photo is from the old collar house. Nearby is the old rock house foundation, which is currently used to store road salt. That foundation is made half of cement and half of poor rock. Beyond it is... an old township dump! And beyond that is the old hoist. The hoist building is mostly destroyed, except for a single wall, and a small cinderblock addition. There is junk strewn about everywhere, and this sign, which apparently was posted back when there was still something left to steal.


Anonymous said...

This is my new desktop, thanks. I love old 'No Trespassing' signs... they cover one of the walls of my apartment!

DC said...

Cool. Glad you like it. :) I actually have a few more such photos, I may feature them here some time.

Anonymous said...


Next time you're in the beautiful Saginaw Valley area (a little sarcasm there), let me know. That's where I call home and I'd love to buy you a beer.

DC said...

Hey Jay -- ok, third attempt at actually posting this comment. Anyhow, my time in the Saginaw Valley is brief, but I should return sometime in the summer. I'd be glad to take you up on your offer then -- have a beer and chat about photography and the copper country! :)