Wednesday, December 10, 2008

4.5 Mile Point

The sloping shore near 5 mile point.

This photo is from a very rugged rest stop near 5 mile point, at the request of one of my Superior-loving friends. This was a few weeks ago; now the shore would be completely snowed under, and the rocks would be capped with ice.

Also -- a slightly new layout so that I can post larger photos. Comments?


Summer said...

I usually look at your posts through Google reader, so wouldn't have noticed a change. But in Firefox, your banner doesn't stretch as wide as the page, so you may want to make it wider if you can.

DC said...

Hm, the banner is unfortunately an image with a fixed width. I suppose I could tweak the color and fade it out on the right edge, to make it appear to blend in. Do you have any suggestions (since you're much more of a web-design guru than me)?

jpemeric said...

I like the new look - but noticed something different about the banner. Using only a lil' tablet with 1024 width, the banner extends beyond the right edge of the page. May want to put overlay:hidden on the css for the inner-header or create a ridiculously large banner (upwards of 2500px wide) and center it within the header div - putting it as a background image in your css, of course.

DC said...

Jake -- I fixed it up a little, hopefully the overflow works right now.

Summer -- I also fixed it up a little. :) I added a fade to the end of the header image to blend in to the background a bit better.

Thanks both -- I'm not very good with the details of web-design stuff, so my tweaking mostly involves flailing around in the dark until something works right.