Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bright red berries

Bright red berries covered with snow.
Bright red berries near Cliff Drive.

Cliff Drive is really one of my favorite places to hang around in the winter: so beautiful, so remote, so quiet... until those blasted snowmobiles come by dang noisy smelly... ok, I'm done now. I'll be back soon!

Edit: For those wondering -- nope, I didn't Photoshop the berries at all. Other than the border and text, the only editing I did was to slightly desaturate the background -- because that's closer to how it appeared to me.

These are Mountain (or Northern) ash berries, which -- believe it or not -- are edible, although very bitter. I'm planning to make some jelly next weekend!

Second edit: The jelly turned out great, although it definitely has a unique flavor. I think it would work well on meat, but it's definitely not a "bread and butter" type jelly! I used this recipe which worked pretty well, but did require extra pectin.


Summer said...

I love this photo! The red is so very... red. Did you do some photoshop tinkering or did they really stand out that much in the woods?

DC said...

Heh -- I didn't enredden the berries at all, but I did desaturate the background a little. Not much though -- in the winter, any little splash of color really shows up. That's why they caught my eye. :)

DC said...

I should add that I tweaked it because the end result is how it looked to my eye -- bright red berries popping out from the dull surroundings.