Saturday, December 6, 2008

Corn Flag

A de-kerneled corn cob and husk caught on brush at the edge of a field.
A flag of corn in the brush

I grabbed this photo downstate while visiting my parents over Thanksgiving. Farmers downstate have been leaving corn up in the fields very late this year, hoping that it will dry out on the stalk (due to the price of gas, apparently). When I was downstate, this corn had just been harvested -- and this cob had gotten caught on some brush on the edge of the field. It looks like a flag to me -- anyone else?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting picture, Dave. It makes me feel the long winter coming! The farmers are drying the corn on the stalk because of the high cost of drying the corn at the elevators. It has taken a big jump due to energy costs, so you were right there.JC