Friday, January 16, 2009

Burning Branch

Close-up of fire and a burning branch.
A branch at the Clark solstice party, 2008.

Each year, my parents have a little party on the night of the winter solstice: they clear a spot in the driveway, set up a grate and barrel, and have a lovely bonfire to scare away the winter. This is a close-up from this year's bonfire, which I was (luckily) able to attend!

And the bonfire burned burned burned,
and we're the ones that set it!
It burned burned burned,
and the cold wind ran and cried.
Yes it burned burned burned,
but things were very chilly --
And the pine branches burned like a whole bunch of very flammable things,
in the winter solstice fire!

Bonus points for those who can name the song I just slaughtered.

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