Tuesday, June 22, 2010

160, 161, 162/365 - The Final Days in Opatija

161/365 - A Zagreb Courtyard

And now, time to wind down. The last few days in Opatija were a lot of fun, and involved several fun days on the beach! We left on Thursday and spent the night in Zagreb, Croatia's capital city. It's an interesting place -- a combination of beautiful, historical buildings, delightful parks, mysterious alleyways, huge statues, and soulless Soviet architecture. How strange. Here, my colleague Yuichiro wanders through a little courtyard off a small alley. I could have spent a lot longer in the city.

Taking a brief side trip back to Opatija, this is our hotel's balcony -- not our room's balcony, but the balcony of the hotel lobby. To the right was our cafeteria, and to the left was the Adriatic. We did a lot of math on this balcony!

And finally -- the flight home. Another long flight, another beautiful view out of the window -- and THREE more checkpoints! We had to go through security three times: at Zagreb, leaving Amsterdam, and arriving at Minneapolis. The Amsterdam one was the worst, with individual interviews for everyone. As my friend put it, "A lot of people want to do things to your country." Sadly true.

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