Wednesday, July 21, 2010

197, 198/365 - Gratiot River Camping!

A rocky beach scene.
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Today's photos come from my recent overnight camping and hiking trip to the mouth of the Gratiot River. It's a lovely little county park on the shore of Lake Superior, where the Gratiot River enters the lake. As you can see, the beach isn't sandy -- it's all big, rounded rocks in a huge variety of weathered colors.

Three red rocks on textured bedrock.
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Here is another look at those beach rocks. The background is the bedrock in the area -- a wonderfully weathered, textured slate-like stone.

The trip was a great way to unwind. There's nothing like camping right next to the lake, with the waves crashing and the stars wheeling overhead. I spend part of the night taking some long exposure photos, which I'll post later!

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