Saturday, July 10, 2010

182/365 - Compressor Ladder

A ladder in a cement corridor.
Click the photo to see it on Flickr.

The Mohawk #6 Hoist/Compressor house has some interesting features -- including several very dodgy homemade ladders to access the different levels.

Mike (of Copper Country Explorer fame) and I went here a while ago. It's a very cool spot, partially because it's (relatively) well preserved -- there are still walls and floors, even!

(For a comparison, here is a corresponding location at another compressor foundation at the Arnold mine -- but much older.)


Jain said...

What's at the top of the ladder? It looks like a snake-y hieroglyph.

DC said...

Jain -- it's graffiti. There is TONS of it in that building. In fact, this ladder (and several others like it) seemed to have been created by some group of kids who used it as a clubhouse/hangout/beer joint. There were piles of cans everywhere, and some VERY dodgy ladders to get between levels!

D. Travis North said...

As always, great photo of an incredibly interesting location. That's a tight space to be turned out quite well.