Sunday, July 25, 2010

203/365 - Sands

Two people climbing up a grey sandy dune.
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Here's a photo from a good ol' Thursday exploration with my friend Mike (of Copper Country Explorer fame) and his son. Last Thursday, we visited the Copper Falls Sands -- the extensive (I mean HUGE) field of absolutely barren crushed rock, where the Copper Falls mine deposited its unwanted tailings more than 100 years ago. This was once all swampland, but now it is covered to a depth of 10 or 20 feet by crushed up rock. A couple of streams run through it, cutting out small green swaths.

The sands are not only extensive, but downright sculpted. Here, Mike and his son ascend a small mountain of sands.


Jacob said...

These sands are quite awesome. It's kind of surprising how much of a swath those two small creeks have cut out over a century. Have you ventured into the western swamp? It's an ...interesting... way to get to the Jampot.

DC said...

Heh, I've only ever gone into the swamp from M-26 near Great Sand Bay. That's not so bad, because there are a lot of ski trails in there. Otherwise, I don't think I'd EVER try that.

Did you check out the small patch of sand (?) to the west of the big sands? Mike and I are wondering if it was from another mill.