Thursday, September 2, 2010

239, 240, 241/365 - Washington DC!

The Thomas Jefferson memorial, in a wide angle
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The lovely Sarah and I just got back from a great mini-vacation to Washington DC. The reason for the trip was our friends Job and Rachel's wedding. Because we arrived one day early, we had the chance to wander around the monument and national mall area. We visited the Jefferson Memorial, which I had never seen on my one previous trip. It's an amazing and beautiful monument, and very powerful to see in person.

A cake topper.
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Job and Rachel's wedding was beautiful. Because there was no photography allowed, I don't have any photos of the ceremony -- but instead, I do have this photo of the cake topper. I helped to photograph the reception, as part of a gift to my friend, the bride.

Tired feet
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After a VERY short night, we got up bright and early (actually, dark and early) to fly home. Our sleepy feet rested a bit at Washington National Airport.

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