Wednesday, September 8, 2010

247, 248/365 - Porcupine Mountains Camping

Landscape view of Lake of the Clouds, with the Porcupine Mountains and Carp River.
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On Saturday and Sunday, the Lovely Sarah and I took an overnight camping trip to the Porcupine Mountains, a huge and wild state park in northwestern Michigan. It was a beautiful weekend, and an excellent trip.

On Saturday, we hiked along the Escarpment trail, which runs along a high ridge between Lake Superior (just barely visible on the horizon) and the rest of the mountains. The view here is the Carp River, leading up to Lake of the Clouds -- Michigan's highest elevation inland lake.

Abstract view of rushing waterfall water.
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Later, we visited the western end of the park, and saw the many spectacular waterfalls on the Presque Isle River. This is a macro view of one of them -- I highly recommend going there!


Anonymous said...

Stunning water shot. Love it!


kjramstack said...

We're heading up there in a few weeks for a long weekend of backpacking. Last November, we got engaged at Lake of the Clouds. Perfect setting! How were the bugs?

Scott said...

Kelly J.R. must have been reading my mind: the Carp River, while beautiful, looks like "mosquito heaven."

DC said...

Thanks all!

@Kelly, @Scott: At this time of year (and with our low temps), the bugs aren't too bad. The height of the bug season is always late June / early July anyhow, and the black flies have long since died off.

Also, being on a high ridge, we were away from the worst of the swamps!