Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tahquamenon Tree

Tahquamenon falls in winter, with an ice-covered tree.
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A view of Tahquamenon Falls from above, with an ice-coated tree in the late afternoon sun. This tree is quite a ways from the falls (at least 95 steps, as the sign at the lookout tells me!), but the mist from the falls still coats it with ice. The ice is all yellow-tinged, from the tannins in the water (which you can also see in the falls themselves).

This was taken about 20 minutes before my earlier Tahquamenon shot, which was taken from the lower deck.


D. Travis North said...

Love this perspective and it's a nice winter scene...such solice. What causes the rust color in the water fall? Is it a high iron water?

DC said...

@D. Travis North: Thanks! The colors are from tannins in the water, which in turn come from the pines (mostly tamaracks, actually) upstream. The whole stream is quite yellow-brown.