Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baltic Tramway

Baltic Tramway by dcclark

The supports of some sort of tramway at the old Baltic stamp mill, near Redridge, Michigan.

This is a bit of a mystery ruin. The coarse sands all around this ruin are stamp sands -- the result of repeatedly smashing copper-bearing rock with giant hammers, to release the copper. The stamp sand is the waste product, and it forms giant cliffs along the beach in front of the old mill. In fact, it is quite a nuisance, as currents move the sands up and down the coast, filling in coves and creating new shoreline. This structure likely helped the mill workers move that sand out away from the building, and dump it closer to the lake shore.

This shot was taken on a hot, humid, and misty day. You'd never know it, but that's Lake Superior in the background!

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